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Sleep is For the Weak

January 28th, 2009

I am turning into a zombie.   Between holding Cooper much of the day and rocking him to sleep for naps (I can’t bear to make him cry when it drives him into a coughing fit!), I have also been sleeping in the room with him in Kenny’s bed so that I can listen to  him breath and get up  to do his nebulizer in the middle of the night.   The last two nights he’s slept straight through the treatment, only to wake an hour later with boogers sealing his nose shut,  cranky and wanting to nurse back to sleep.     His breathing sounded worse today, but the doctor did say that he may get a little worse before he gets better.   We have a follow-up on Friday and I’m crossing my fingers that we are going uphill from here on.

Kenny is also ready for Cooper to get well, as he is not enjoying the fact that Cooper has currently been getting top billing for Mommy-attention.   Couple that with an ice storm today and no end in sight to the cold weather, and we are feeling house-bound and irritable.  


What I wouldn’t give for a day warm enough to take a walk!   Dudley agrees, and was quite the rascal today in his frustration, attempted to garner attention first by pulling nearly all the stuffing out of his bed, then by randomly selecting toys to prance around the house with, staying just out of reach and drooling all over them as he mocked me for my inability to reclaim them.

With the drama surrounding Cooper’s illness, I didn’t mention in my last post that prior to Coop’s pediatrician appointment, we traipsed off to the dentist for checkups.   Kenny has his first cavity!   I am so bummed, as we are pretty fanatic about brushing his teeth.   Not only that, but I found out that two of my teeth are cracked.   I have no idea when it happened.   So we have matching appointments again in a few weeks for fillings.   Can I express that I am not looking forward to this??

I also was remiss to mention that we did not get our coveted house downtown.   The contract fell through and we are on the hunt once again.   I know that there is a better house out there, but the wait is getting to me.

So it would seem that we’ve got the winter blues.   Truly, if the sun was out and the temperature was somewhere in the 70’s, none of this would seem so dreary.   As it stands, though, I’m ready to go to a tanning salon, if for nothing else than to lift my spirits with some concentrated UV light.   Um, and it would be nice to be tan.


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