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So Close, and Yet…

April 29th, 2008

… so far away.     My due date, that is.   Only 8 weeks to go (if I stick with the scheduled c-section; 9 until the actual due date).   It feels like forever and it feels like way too soon all at once.

I am finally starting to really feel BIG.   As in, this belly is getting heavy.   Turning over in bed in the middle of the night is physically exhausting and usually wakes me up.   Getting up off the floor while playing with Kenny is starting to make me wish for a portable, remote control operated forklift.   Walking around the block with 85-pound Dudley’s leash around my torso and pushing Kenny’s stroller is starting to feel like a marathon – unless I’m going downhill, and then it feels like I’m on a free-falling roller coaster.   Eating means hours of indigestion afterwards, but I’m SO HUNGRY!   (Though thanks to the reader who suggested that I quit the Tums… the reflux has actually gotten better since I’ve made myself stop popping them all day, and waiting until I’m desperate…)   And I’m only 31 weeks!   I’m going to get Bigger!   Heavier!   Eeek.

I’ve actually gained less weight (so far) with this one than I did with Kenny.   By 31 weeks with him, I’d gained about 25 pounds (and ended up at 30 total), but so far with this one, I’ve only gained 19.   I think the reason is two-fold.   1) I chase Kenny and Dudley all day and neither of them will let me sit still for more than 30 seconds, and 2) Kenny is a vulture, and every single timeI start to eat something, he wants half.   (Wants, as in, begs, pleads, asks so sweetly and politely I can’t refuse,  and if I do,  turns a darkly tragic hungry face, eyes welling up with tears and “I’m hungry too, Mommy!” spilling from his lips.   Never-mind that I offered him something when I was fixing my own, mere seconds before.   Also never-mind that he’s not pregnant, and doesn’t need to eat every thirty minutes like I seem to.)  

So I can eat in secret (has anyone out there actually told their toddler that they’re going to the bathroom, but really slunk into the closet to wolf down a granola bar??) or not eat at all, unless I plan on forking over the good stuff.   It has been a good way to get Kenny to eat fruits and vegetables at snack time, but unfortunately, the  rascal also ends up with M&Ms at 9 in the morning and chocolate cake before lunch.  

At any rate, the countdown is on.

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