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So That’s How He Got That Hat…

February 22nd, 2007

This morning after Kenny’s MyGym class, he and I met Casey at the Scottsdale Stadium to watch a little Spring Training practice with the San Francisco Giants. The sun was high, the air was warm and the balls were flying. Kenny was excited, and we even nabbed a front row seat right behind the pitchers and catchers.

spring training feb 22 010.jpg

A recipe for a perfect day until a single pitch went out of control and landed full force into an elderly lady’s face.

I know. It was one of the most sickening things I’ve ever witnessed. She was in such shock, she made no sound, but the river of blood flowing from beneath the hands covering her face was horrific. The stands went silent and the players froze, anxiously looking up at the frail lady in the pink sweater. Someone called for a doctor, then the paramedics were called, and in an instant, I jumped up with Kenny in my arms and ran up the steps and out into the promenade. I was shaking so hard, thinking of how close we were to that woman, thinking that my little boy was just yards away from the fast ball. And then my trusty vasal vagal reaction kicked in.

I handed Kenny to Casey and said, “I’m going to black out in a minute.” and promptly sat down next to an empty hot dog stand. Casey grabbed one of the spare paramedics following the stretcher with the injured lady on it and told him what was going on. As the amblance sped away, and as poor Kenny called, “Mama? Mama? Mama?????” the second response team attended to the poor limp Me fading into a fainting spell…

spring training feb 22 015.jpg

(I think it’s pretty funny that Casey had the inclination to snap this shot… he told me later that he figured I want it for my blog…)

These guys were just about the nicest, gentlest firemen you’ll ever meet. A big burly guy with a ten o’clock shadow took my blood pressure three times in a row, whispering to another of the paramedics. I finally came too a little and asked what it was. 60 over 40. Whoa. They took my pulse for awhile too… it started out at forty and climbed to 52 as I started getting some blood back into my brain. A few minutes later, my pressure went back up to 80 over 50 and they let me sit up. That’s when I noticed Kenny high-fiving one of the firemen and wearing a red “Junior Fire Fighter” hat. Once they decided I could stand up, they also let me know that the woman was going to be fine, and was already at the hospital for treatment. Then they gave Casey and Kenny a tour of the firetruck

spring training feb 22 019.jpg

A few more pictures and many thanks later, we parted ways.

spring training feb 22 021.jpg

The vasal vagal / fainting spells have happened about 10 times in my adult life, most specifically with either being hurt myself, or witnessing someone get hurt. The last time it happened, I was eight weeks pregnant and at the movies watching Million Dollar Baby. When the scene where Hillary Swank gets dirty-punched and breaks her neck, I ran out of the theater, vomited in the lobby and passed out. I met some nice paramedics that time, too.

The rest of today has been rough – I’m still dizzy and out-of-sorts. Not easy when you’ve got a rebel-rouser toddler who doesn’t sit still for a second. He did wear his fireman hat all day….

spring training feb 22 022.jpg

Have you ever seen a cuter kid? And my super-star husband came home early to bathe Kenny and get him to bed, and then make me dinner. He’s in the kitchen right now, banging pots and pans, and I think I smell something yummy… But I just can’t shake that image of the poor lady holding her face in her hands. I’ve been praying for her all day, and wish there was some way I could find out how she is.


  1. Kimmie says

    Oh sis! I’m glad that you are okay!!! I’m sure the lady is fine too – at worst, a broken nose.
    Call me!

    February 23rd, 2007 | #

  2. Crisanne says

    You are clearly empathetic to a fault. I once witnessed a man pass out at Toys R Us-he stopped breathing for a little bit-and I so wished I could look him up at the hospital to know if he was ok or talk to his family. It’s an odd feeling when a complete stranger touches our lives so powerfully. So glad Casey was there to take Kenny. Take care of yourself!

    February 23rd, 2007 | #

  3. LanceyPants says

    Oh bless your heart! But good for you for putting that gift (albeit sometimes curse) of empathy to the use God no doubt planned — and praying for that lady.

    February 23rd, 2007 | #

  4. tiffany says

    😥 that would of worried me too… thank god for angels…

    February 27th, 2007 | #

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