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February 23rd, 2009

… but not for long.   Cooper, Casey and I all got adjusted at the chiropractor today so the end is surely in sight for this nasty week of illness we’ve been consumed by.   I realize that my last post was not only boooooring, but way too graphic in regards to the vomiting details, so let’s move on, and say only in closing that we are slowly getting better from the Virus of Nastiness that has plagued our castle.

On to something new:

Cooper is FINALLY getting his first tooth!   It’s taking it’s time coming in, which has been agony on the little bugger.   He does enjoy playing with it with his tongue, when it’s not causing him to melt into a puddle of tears.

Kenny has learned to dress himself completely – from socks to unders and everything in between.   It was purely self-defence: Casey and I were so sick over the weekend that he was pretty much left to his own devices, and I guess at some point getting dressed was on his agenda.   In fact, on Sunday after putting Cooper down for a nap, Casey and I both fell asleep – I think we each thought the other had Kenny – and Kenny played completely unattended for two hours.   He took streamers and party hats and decorated the living room for a party that he then imagined and entertained himself with.   Who needs cartoons, I ask you!  

We are headed off to a vacation of sorts this week as well.   We are flying down to Florida to visit with Casey’s parents, and Casey himself will be going to a business conference in Vegas for a week while Kenny and I teach Cooper how to surf and get a tan.   Yee Haw.   We have a sweet newly wed couple to   house-sit for us, and they are bringing their new puppy.   This will either be a really really fun week for Dudley, or a really really awful one for the puppy, I haven’t yet decided.

My next order of business is to think of something more interesting than a laundry list to blog about before all of you faithful readers give up on me.   I actually have a stack of new books to review and another contest give-away to orchestrate.     I need to get busy.    But, alas,  Prince Cooper calls to me from his crib…. “Mamamamamamamamamamamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….”

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  1. Claudia says

    It is great that you are all getting better, chiropractors do wonders – kudos to you for your visit! We asked Santa Claus for a tooth for my 7 1/2 month old baby but we have not gotten it yet 🙂 she is definitely taking her time since my older boy got his when he was 3 months old! Have a wonderful time in Florida!

    February 24th, 2009 | #

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