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Stinky Boys

June 7th, 2009

Stinky Boy #1: Dudley, who has inexplicably rolled in death three times now in the last two days.   For newer readers, we live on the water – on a creek off a river off the Bay – where there are fish and crabs and tiny shrimp in abundance.   We have a dock as well as a boat ramp on our property, the latter of which occasionallyserves as a dying field for beached fish.   Dudley loves to roll around in them, grinding his neck into the rotten, decaying flesh.   Then he runs inside and you can smell him before he even clears the dog door.   Nasty.   Today he got his second shower of the weekened and Casey even pulled out the steam vacuum to wash the couch cushions.   Ugg.

Stinky Boy #2: Cooper.   The kid poops, like, eight times a day.   He relishes it, too.   When I see “the look” – you know, the slightly reddened face, the baited breath, the concentrated stare, I’ll sing-song, “Cooper… are you poopin’?”     and he’ll reward me with a killer smile.   But just try to change that poop, and whoa!   Call in the reserves, because he howls like he’s being tortured.   He bucks his body, violently kicks and throws a tantrum worthy of an Oscar.   I’m tempted to make him sit in poop all day, just so that he understands that the alternative to those mean old diaper changes is no picnic, but the smell propels me to even the most difficult of hiney-changes.

Stinky Boy #3: Kenny.   He is also a happy pooper and is quite fond of calling everyone in the house into the bathroom to check out his “creations” when he’s finished.   Fortunately, he understands that they should then quickly be flushed and then moves on with his day.  

Stinkyness aside, it was a great weekend.   The weather finally cleared and the humidity stayed low so we were able to spend most of the two days outside.   I even took Kenny out in the kayak yesterday while Cooper napped and Casey caught up on some yard work.   He’s such a sweet little guy.   We talked and talked and just enjoyed the peacefulness of being out on the water.     It is so nice to be alone with him every once in a while.  

I guess I’ll keep my little stinkers.

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