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Tails of Woe

August 26th, 2007

For those of you who are regular readers, you know that we have a zany-spastic-highly-intelligent-yet-slightly-snotty-but-still-lovable-and-all-around-good-boy weimaraner named Dudley.  


On Thursday, he had some minor surgery to remove a small tumor from his elbow.   We were given a “cone” to discourage chewing the site, and some pain meds.  

Ok, that lasted five minutes.

Within two hours of being home, and after he spent time repeatedly smashing his head against the wall and nearly against Kenny’s head, we had the cone off, and he had dislodged the dressings.    Back to the vet, where our awesome vet gave us some “anti-anxiety” pills.  

That lasted a day.  

Unfortunately,  I had  decided to let go of his leash for 10 minutes to take a shower, and he got his bandage off again.   Back to the vet.   The next one lasted about 30 hours, before he ripped it off and re-opened the wound ontop of our duvet.   Dry-cleaners, then the vet.   This morning, our vet all but gave him a plaster cast, and gently reminded me that I needed to keep him “still and quiet” and suggested (again, gently) that I just use the darn sedatives he gave us, and keep him in a sleep-like state for the next week and a half  to let that poor leg heal.

Waaaaaaa.   My poor canine companion, running partner, counter-surfer, wacky wonder is snoring at my feet, miserably dizzy and depressed.   Ten more days…


  1. Alicia says

    Does the vet really know a Weimaraner? I seriously think you would have more luck laying hands on and healing the dog yourself than getting him to be stil for that long/getting him to not obsess about something being different with his world. I mean, come on, Weims shred blankets…what do you think they’re going to do w/ a bandage? Good luck with this one!!! Hope Dudley and you guys are better!

    August 29th, 2007 | #

  2. akinvt says

    The cone is the worst! Our dog had to wear one often when he got older and would lick himself raw. The running into things and getting stuck in doorways never got better. Good luck with getting Dudley to heal!

    August 30th, 2007 | #

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