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The Countdown

May 26th, 2007

With five nights left before our departure to Maryland, I think it’s safe to say that we’re  all getting a little antsy.


Today we had to do a “trial run” with some “relaxation pills” we had our vet prescribe for Dudley’s first airplane ride (We needed to know how the medications would affect him, to know if he would be ok for the fight on Thursday), and the poor guy  is  walking around like he’s had one too many martinis.   He walked over to his water  bowl and stared at it, as if he couldn’t remember what it was for, then sighed and walked away.     Now he is laying on the floor, staring at his toes and not even remotely resembling our wild and crazy weim.  

In addition to preparing for our departure, we’ve been trying hard to fit the last bits of Arizona social life into the next few days.     A party last night didn’t get us home until eleven o’clock ~ a near record for attending a party with Kenny.   (Actually, we took a pack-n-play for him, and he actually went   to sleep like a perfect angel in our host’s guest room.)   The party guests included a dozen or so kids under age seven, so Kenny was thrilled to be a part of the “big kid’s” night out.   Casey and I sipped some fantastic wine in between chasing Kenny across the yard as he dicovered the joy of sticking his face into the lawn misters.   (For those of you reading this who are not in the Southwest, “misters” are like giant outdoor cool humidifiers to make it a little easier to hang outside when the temperatures are in the triple digits.)   Tonight we had our neighbors over for dinner, and Kenny was once again the life of the party with his playmate Ryder, who is barely a year older than him.   They chased each other over the furniture, through the rock garden and in and out of the house with such speed it was hard to keep track.   They had so much fun the adults were actually able to have whole conversations.

But leaving is bittersweet, and there is much I will miss in the next few months until we return again.   I will not, however, miss the fact that the nineties had been left behind and the 100’s are the forcast for the next three months.

In other news, don’t forget about the t-shirt contest!   Click on the “Mommy Story of the Week” icon to the right for complete details.   I’ve gotten some great entries so far, and I’ll close the submissions at midnight on Monday, May 28th.   Send me your stories!   Winning entries will be published on Tuesday and Wednesday (as I’m in the last throes of moving upheaval!).   Two winners will be selected to recieve “Living the Dream” t-shirts.   Show me what you’ve got!

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  1. LanceyPants says

    Can I borrow some of those magical pills for another Weim? Have a safe trip!

    May 27th, 2007 | #

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