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The Family Groove

November 14th, 2007

What Mommy doesn’t love flipping through a magazine in those few spare moments of the day?   And what Mommy wouldn’t love to have a relevant, easy to read, hip, funny magazine to read right on the computer?   No toddlers pulling out pages, or coloring on the articles, no $4.50 at the checkout, only to realize that you bought the same magazine last week…

The Family Groove  is a funky, yet “functional” cyber magazine that focuses on the family, without assuming that a magazine aimed at Moms needs to be fluffy and splenda-sweet.   It’s kind of like Vogue meets Real Simple meets “Dear Abby.”   There are sections on Lifestyle&Home, Health&Beauty, and even a “BumpWatch” for the readers with Wilson basketballs where their abs used to be.

In their own words….

 THE FAMILY GROOVE is the first-of-its kind national, online
magazine for parents (even grandparents or godparents or
anyone else who has kids in their life). We’ll keep you on the
beat with hip tips, top trends and everything else you need
for living high style with kiddies in tow. You’ll find everything
from advice on raising socially conscious children to how to
save your sex life to the best local restaurants. We provide
informed, fun and vital content with a worldly perspective while
connecting you to what’s happening on the local level.
Best of all, it’s free!

It’s guilt-free web-browsing… entertaining and informative, and hey – it’s about your family, right?   So next time your toddler is unexpectedly amusing himself and you find a free moment to surf, go check it out!

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