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The Power of Imitation

August 25th, 2006

Kenny is really starting to catch on to the idea of imitating what I do.   It’s facinating to watch him watch me, then mimic the moves or expressions I make.   I was baking a couple of  cakes in the kitchen today, and he sat on the floor with his own pots and pans and a spoon, stiring away.   When I sang, he squalked, and when I licked the spoon, he stuck his into his mouth.  

Aug 14-20 020.jpg                               Aug 14-20 021.jpg

His intent little eyes catch it all, folks.

It’s made me realize today that  his keen peepers  aren’t going to miss a thing.

It’s also made me realize just how important it is that Kenny sees me doing things joyfully.     And that he sees me showing physical affection to both him and his Dad.   What better example can Casey and I set for him of a great relationship  than to hug each other as often as we hug him?   So often when the little guy is romping around us, we are too preoccupied with watching him to watch each other.   Casey is such an incredible guy, and I want him to know that he’s my number one, and I want Kenny to know that, too!

Kenny is definitely a hugger.   He hugs Dudley at least 10 times a day (The poor weimeraner doesn’t know what to make of it.   I think he thinks Kenny is expressing his pack leadership over him.)   He hugs me spontaneously, often when I’d least expect it.   And watching him hug Casey during the baseball game last night melted my heart.   He’s a tender little guy, that kid.

How long before he starts repeating everything I say?   Should I keep singing the “Poop” song when I change him, or will that set a bad example, propelling him to sing it someday in Sunday School when he’s gotta go?   I can see it now…

Sha la la POOP dee-ay!   Sha la la POOP dee-ay!   Did Kenny POOP today?   It is so stinky-ay…

Speaking of “poop,” he’s really doing great with learning signs.   I’ve been showing him the sign for “toilet” when I change him, and he did it back to me today.   And he signed “Milk” for the first time spontaneously today when we were in the grocery store.   Right there in the dairy aisle, while I was reaching in to grab the milk, saying “Oh yeah, we need milk,” he waved his arms and signed milk, then signed for me to pick him up, as in, “Milk!   I love milk!   Can I   have some right now, Mommy?”   I was heartsick that I couldn’t reward the sign with an immediate opportunity to nurse, but that might have raised some brows in our suburban Safeway…

The adventure never stops.

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  1. Kimberly says

    What a great reminder! I need to hug my hubby in front of the kids more!
    Do you have the chords for the poop song….?:lol:

    August 27th, 2006 | #

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