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August 16th, 2009

I haven’t been the most consistent of blogger lately.   Ok, I’ve gone from posting nearly every day to once a week at best.   Summer.   Two boys instead of one.   Blah blah blah.

But I have realized that, if I really do want to preserve this as a Journal/Baby Book for Kenny and Cooper some day, it might be good to back track and record a few milestones and events that have happened in the last few weeks, lest they be forgotten…

I left Cooper overnight for the first time two weeks ago.   It was the first time I’d left Kenny since being in the hospital birthing Cooper, too, for that matter.   I hopped on a train with Casey to go to New York for the night!   We stayed at the hippest hotel ever, had a cocktail in the lounge (which cost more than we usually pay to go out for dinner!), met Casey’s brother Dave and his wife, Sonila for an incredible sushi dinner, then saw In the Heights on Broadway!   The show was awesome, and Casey even liked it so much, he’s been listening to the soundtrack ever since.   It’s a sort of latin-hip-hop musical with a lot of funky dancing and a great-looking cast.   My sister and her family came out to our house to watch the boys, and they had so much fun, I don’t think they missed us for a second.   Next time we need to go away for a weekend!

Kenny has become a great little bike rider.   We’ve been going to the trail on Saturdays while Casey takes Cooper to swim lessons, and he’s gotten consistent enough that I can jog at a good clip along side him while he rides.   He’s only had the bike for a month, so the training wheels are still on, but he balances so well they barely touch the ground.   Way to go, big guy!

Kenny has spontaneously started understanding math, completely on his own.   Yesterday he told Casey that “two and one are three!” and today informed me that “if you have three things and you get another one, you have four!”   I am pretty impressed, especially because I’ve never really pointed that out to him.   He also knows all his letters, upper and lower case, and can count to 50.   He writes pretty well, too.     The only downside I see to this brilliance is that his birthday misses the legal school year by 9 days.   Ergo, he won’t go to kindergarten for another two years, when he’s turning 6.     Guess it doesn’t hurt to be at the head of the class.   I just hope he’s not bored!

Cooper has a pretty impressive list of words going:   “Bah!” (ball), “deenk” (drink), “mik” (milk), “dooce” (juice), “tease” (cheese), “appa” (apple), “ap” (up), “dah-own” (down), “BA!” (bath), “ouse” (outside), “nigh-nigh,” “bed,” “napi” (nap), “bank-et” (blanket), “DOH!” (go), “Dah-dee” (Dudley), “Da-dee!” (Daddy), “Ten-tee!” (Kenny), “Dan-dee” (Grampy), “Man-ee” (Madison – my parent’s dog), “dah-gee” (dog / doggie), “bute” (book), “Ma-mee” (water mellon), “Mama,” “crack-her” (cracker), “nak” (snack), “ray-ree” (raisins), “Da!” (dance).   I think there are a few others, but that’s all I can remember right now.

Tomorrow the boys and I are going to tag along with Casey on a business trip to New York City.   We’re staying in Times Square, and I’m bringing our in-line jogging stroller and my walking shoes and we are going to tour the town on foot for two days straight.   Kenny can’t wait, as he can vaguely remember a similar trip we took when i was pregnant with Cooper.   I’ve promised a visit to the M&Ms factory store, and you’d think we were going to Buckingham Palace.   I’m sure I’ll have lots of tales to recount on our return!

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