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Uk Eu Open Skies Agreement

May 16th, 2022

The UK`s exit from the European Union has raised concerns about the future of air travel between the two entities. One of the issues that have been in focus is the UK-EU Open Skies Agreement. This agreement governs air travel between the UK and EU member states, allowing airlines to fly freely across borders.

Under the agreement, airlines from both sides can operate flights without any restrictions on routes, capacity, pricing, or ownership. This has played a significant role in integrating the aviation markets of the UK and EU, increasing competition, and reducing costs for consumers.

However, the UK`s departure from the EU has put this agreement in jeopardy. With the UK no longer being an EU member state, it would need to negotiate a new air transport agreement with the EU, or risk a worst-case scenario of losing access to EU markets altogether.

The UK government has been seeking to secure a new open skies agreement with the EU to ensure continued access to the EU’s aviation market. However, negotiations have been challenging, with the two sides making little progress in recent months.

One of the sticking points has been the issue of ownership and control of airlines. The EU is seeking to maintain the current ownership and control rules, which require EU airlines to be majority-owned by EU nationals. The UK, on the other hand, seeks to liberalize these rules, allowing non-UK entities to own and control UK airlines.

Another challenge has been the issue of competition. The EU wants a level playing field, with UK airlines adhering to EU competition rules, including state aid and fair competition. The UK, meanwhile, seeks to have its own competition regime, putting the two sides at odds.

The lack of progress in negotiations has raised concerns about the future of air travel between the UK and EU. If no agreement is reached, UK airlines would lose access to the EU aviation market, and EU airlines would lose access to the UK market. This would lead to a significant reduction in air services, higher fares, and reduced competition, impacting consumers and businesses alike.

In conclusion, the UK-EU Open Skies Agreement is a critical piece of legislation that has enabled seamless air travel between the two entities. However, with the UK`s departure from the EU, negotiations for a new agreement have proven challenging. It is essential that both sides work together to secure a new agreement that maintains the benefits of the current agreement, enhances competition, and supports the growth of the aviation industry, benefiting consumers and businesses alike.

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