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Who Needs Sleep?

February 2nd, 2007

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Not my little angel.   Another sleepless night for Kenny, and yet when he got up this morning, he was all smiles and boundless energy.   I left him in the living room while I went to get my coffee, and came back to find him on the couch looking at his favorite book… a William Wegman coffee table book called, “Fay.”   He thinks Fay is Dudley, and will page entraced through the book, stopping to point at each shot… “Dudley!   Udder Dudley!   Dudley a ball!   Dudley hat!”   It’s bizarre and charming.

As to the “Udder Dudley” comment, Kenny has picked up this quirk of labeling objects.   For example, he will have a ball in one hand, which he calls “Ball” and in the other hand another ball, which he calls, “Udder ball.”   (other ball)   Meaning, if we are driving in the car and he has two wiffle balls in his hands (which we can’t seem to leave home without), and he drops one, he will shout, “UDDER BALL!   UDDER BALL!” until I am able to gumby-like twist my body to retrieve the missing ball.   Or if we are finished reading a book, he will get up and go to the book shelf, saying, “Udder book.”  

But back to the night of no sleep, my little No Nap Joe took a two hour nap in the stroller today: one hour while we walked, and the other parked in his room.   If only I had had the good sense to nap myself.   Ah, but our day together was swell: a trip to the park, a walk, a My-Gym class, and lots of coloring and reading a building blocks.   Tonight I took Kenny on a date to California Pizza Kitchen, and we were the toast of the restaurant.   So how can I begrudge a little lost sleep?

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After all, tonight it’s Casey’s turn.

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