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September 26th, 2006

Living on the water, taking for granted the sunrise over the creek and the fishing boats coming in as the light brightens, I forget how breathtaking it is to see the sun peak over the unreachable horizon of the ocean.   Sitting here in this gorgeous beach house, looking out onto the Atlantic, sunlight pouring in the fifteen foot windows, my dog curled at my feet, already exhausted from a morning traipse in the sand, I’m almost lightheaded at the contentment this day brings.

Kenny is gleefully tromping through this giant living room, grandparents at his beck and call.   In fact yesteday, for the first time, my litle boy looked right past me after waking up from his nap and shouted, “Papa!” and held his hands out to my father-in-law.   It actually took a few moments to get over the innocent shun, but I am truly glad that he loves his Gramma and Papa like he does.   And watching them cater to his every whim – throwing legos, driving dump trucks across the carpet, reading the same page of the same book over and over – I’m filled with love.

Kenny was delighted to be surprised at the arrival of his uncle Dave for a few days as well.   Dave brought along a friend, a beautiful, intelligent  and witty lady, who was just as loving to him as if he were her own kin.   As they drove off this morning, all of us wishing they could stay, Kenny looked after the car trolling down the street as if to say, “Hey you guys, the party’s just getting started!”

I am humbled with gratitude at the showering of genuine love and affection my son has here in this house.   At this moment, he is dancing in his own little wild way to a Rodney Atkins tune, both grandparents cheering him on.   I’m humbled because I realize that there are untold scores of little guys out there just like him who don’t have this love.   Who don’t have any arms to run to, and doting loved ones who love them unconditionally and without measure.  

Thoughts like these are easily pushed into the back of my mind most of the time, because when I allow myself to continue on with them, I begin to wonder if there is any way I can have a part in saving even just one of these little ones from a loveless childhood and bringing them into our home to be showered with agape.   I suddenly want to adopt a household full of them and give them the love they are lacking.   I know that it’s not possible to save them all, but can we make a difference to just one?   It’s something Casey and I have talked about on occassion, and something we may look into in the future, but for now, all I can do it pray for those tiny hearts, that somewhere in their life they can feel at least the warmth of God’s love holding them up, where the human arms are lacking.

I can’t imagine loving a child more than we love Kenny. I look at my husband in the same frame of mind, and marvel at how one human could be created so perfectly just for me.     He does so much for me, for Kenny, and the selfless sacrifices he makes for  us are astounding.  

How did I manage to find myself in such a life?   I certainly don’t deserve it, and yet I’m infinitely grateful for  every bit of it.  

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  1. Kimmie says

    You DO deserve it! Glad you are having a great vacation… wish we were there. Hubby gone on business again tonight/tomorrow. Miss you

    September 26th, 2006 | #

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