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Wild Boy in Training

March 31st, 2008

It seems to me that for the past few days, Kenny has been working hard to stretch his little wings towards supreme rascal-hood.   If I say go, he stops.   If I say come here, he runs in the other direction.   90% of his antics are accompanied by giggles and mischievous looks, but the other 10% are marred by ear-splitting whining and crocodile tears.

Forget to let him put his own sippy cup lid on?   Encounter migraine-inducing shrieks of manufactured agony.   Try to change a poopy diaper?   Spend twenty minutes trying to tackle him to a flat surface.   Speaking of poopy diapers…

I decided to take the advice of so many of you, and I’ve given potty training a 30-day hiatus.   This is week 2 of no potty encouragement, or even suggestion, on my part, though he asked asked to use it a few times.   But today when I was getting him dressed, he managed to slip out of my hands, completely nude, and charged into my room.   Where he promptly pee’d in the corner.   Then he ran back into his room, where I still sat unawares, and crowed, “I pee-pee’d on the carpet, Mama!”   I was none too happy, but what exactly is the appropriate response?   It was obviously deliberate.   Should I have punished him in some way?   I took him in there to show me and as I cleaned it up, told him that he was never to pee on the carpet on purpose, that that was a mean thing to do and very disobedient.   He managed to look marginally chastened, but not too impressed by my rational and calm approach.

Hours later, though, calm and rational I was not, as the pregnancy hormones hit their pre-lunch peak.   We had just come in from outside, where workers were finishing up our new sidewalk, and, in the drizzle, churning up mass quantities of mud.   As we walked from the garage to the house, Kenny spied one of his footballs in a muddy puddle.   He ran over, grabbed it, and asked if I would take it inside and wash it for him.   I said, “Sure, we can take it inside.   But listen, as soon as we got into the door, we are going to take off our muddy shoes before we walk inside.   And hold on tight to your football until we get into the kitchen to wash it, ok?”   “Ok, Mama!” he yelled, then bolted into the door like a streak of lightening, muddy shoes tracking grime on the carpet, and hurled the filthy football as hard as he could across the room, where it bounced off the coffee table and rolled under the couch.

Am I really here?

I must confess that my vocal-timbre was less than nurturing, as I yelled, “Kenny!   Stop!   What are you doing!   Get back here right now!”   He stopped, turned to face me, then dragged his feet in exaggerated sorrow back to the doorstep.   It was at this point that I sincerely wanted nothing more than to make myself a milkshake and plop in front of the TV and ignore the two-year-old dervish I was responsible for.

Ah, but what is a mommy to do when minutes later he wraps his spindly arms around my leg and whispers, “I love you, Mama.”


  1. Crisanne says

    Oh how I can feel your pain! We have a chair in the dining room that we call the “No, no” chair and use for time-outs. I find it helps to take myself out of the situation for a moment and take the offending child out of the fun living room (though they are completely open to one another, but it still seems to work). There is no talking and no toys allowed in time out-crying is permitted for a short amount of time, but not incessantly. After an appropriate amount of time, we discuss the reason for the time out, the child must apologize to me, give me hugs and kisses, and then do the same for anyone else involved in the offense. Ummmm, sorry that was so long!

    March 31st, 2008 | #

  2. Karen says

    I used potty training rewards to potty train our son. The audio and chocolate treats were powerful incentives to fully potty train him. He loved pushing the button hearing he is a Big Boy. He was peeing and pooping in his potty within a week. I know every child is different, but have a look and see if this would work for you. http://www.pottytrainingrewards.com

    March 31st, 2008 | #

  3. Kimmie says

    … and thus why they call it “The Terrible Terrific Two’s!” 😆 😆 😆 Hang in there, this too shall pass… (or will it???) 😉

    April 1st, 2008 | #

  4. Milaka says

    Been there! I hope it helps to hear that! And to hear that this is normal. The big thing is consistency. And I KNOW that’s hard when you’re pregnant and all you want to do is sit down (or lay down). He’ll get it. He’s testing his boundaries and making sure that they are there – even when you are tired. It’ll get better! Someday . . . 😆

    April 1st, 2008 | #

  5. mommyknight says

    he did the screw the lid on thing for me too. Started to cry. I had to take it back off and hand it to him. then all smiles. independence is the new name of the game at this age and he is not sure when to be obedient and when to try something new on his own, like making the decision to throw the ball because it is fun. now that was a run on sentence if i ever saw one!!!!! try to find things to let him be decision maker on to build up his confidence in himself, and then be mommie when you really have to. I think you already do a great job of that, but inforce it some more before the little one arrives and you will have your back turned!!!! love you, grammy

    April 1st, 2008 | #

  6. Linda says

    I loved reading your stories about Wild Boy! I have 3 boys, so I can totally relate to the peeing in the corner incident. Boys are so much like puppies sometimes – peeing in the house, eating things off the floor, growling, etc. Good luck with the potty training!

    Linda Easton
    Director of Product Development
    Baby Signs, Inc.

    April 1st, 2008 | #

  7. Milaka says

    Oh, and just FYI, boys aren’t the only ones who pee on the carpet! Princess did quite a few times (even tried it once or twice when she was five!!!). Just file it away to bring up in conversation when he brings his girlfriend home to meet you!!!

    April 2nd, 2008 | #

  8. Lauri says

    I am sending you buckets and buckets of cyber-hugs!! Tough tough days have no solutions except for hugs (and know that many, many, many of us have been there!!)

    April 2nd, 2008 | #

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