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Wiped Out

January 17th, 2008

We got home to Maryland on Tuesday, and though the jet-lag has been manageable, the general fatigue and unending list of things to do is drowning me.   Not only did we walk into a house that was still decorated to the nines for Christmas, but our awesome Dudley-sitter is a bachelor, and while his Dudley-love skills are beyond compare, his housekeeping skills scream, “Need Wife Now!”   (Fortunately, he is getting married to a terrific gal in May.)

Laundry, dust bunnies, unpack, pay bills… how can I chose between such a dazzling array of what to attack first?   I’d normally have gotten mostly through it by now with gusto, but my round ligament and sciatic nerves started wrenching me apart on the flight home, and now it’s all  I can do to get through the day wrangling Kenny, before collapsing after dinner.  

Casey has been amazing – he took down the whole Christmas tree the night we got home, has pitched in on laundry, and spent three hours last night putting together one of Kenny’s Christmas presents that Kenny has been dying to play with.   All that, and he’s worked full days yesterday and today, and managed to jet over to meet me at  my 16 week  OB appointment today.   What did I do to deserve this guy?!?

Tomorrow I schedule my 20 week ultrasound – for the week of Valentine’s Day!    We are still undecided as to whether or not we want to find out the sex.   Kenny was a surprise – and it was so much fun!   I kind-of want to know to help prepare Kenny… as in, being able to tell him the baby’s name and what to expect (little brother or sister).   Not to mention that it would be nice to really decorate a nursery this time.   But another part of me wants to hold out and be surprised again.  

Any opinions out there?   When you were pregnant, did you find out or not, and why?


  1. Milaka says

    First let me say Happy New Year! I’m so glad that you guys had a great time and that you made it back safely!

    We found out the sex of both our kids. I didn’t care one way or another, but Hubby really wanted to be able to plan the nursery, pick a name, etc. It was fun finding out and being able to call the baby by her/his name from early on, though. I am glad that we did.

    I actually got to find out the sex at my 16 week appointment! My doctor had a small sonogram machine in his office and so I decided to try to bribe him and his staff with home made cookies. He walked into the exam room and said, “Oh, I CAN be bought!” and fired up the machine! Hubby was away on business so he wrote the verdict on a piece of paper and sealed it in an envelope. We found out we were having a boy in the car outside of baggage claim when I picked Hubby up! That’s a fun memento to put in his baby book!

    January 17th, 2008 | #

  2. Brooke says

    Welcome back 🙂 Congrats on your new blessing.

    My Wonderful Husband and I have been blessed 4 times 16yrs, 14yrs, 9yrs, and 14 months. The older three are girls and our youngest is a boy (baby #4 huge surprise), we didn’t find out with any of them and very glad we didn’t, sure the joys and thrills of planning and decorating would have been a blast however, we were able to focus on the joys of being pregnant and health of our child.

    A very silly little girl once said “If God wanted us to know what kind of baby we were going to have he would have given Mommy’s a belly with a window” lol. Keeping it a surprise will also keep Kenny’s imagination and excitment going. I know it did for our girls.

    January 18th, 2008 | #

  3. Happy Mommy says

    I have 3 wonderful children… After battling infertility we really wanted to know what our baby was so we could pray for him by name. We decided to find out what baby 2 was for the same reason you are unsure what to do. We even took our older son with us to find out, I think it worked very well. The boys are 23 months apart and best friends. After 2 little boys I REALLY wanted a little girl so we again found out and yes we were having a girl. I do not regret finding out on any of the pregnancies I am glad we did, however we are going to try for baby 4 and I want to be surprised! I have both sexes why not…. So either way I am sure you will be happy and so will Kenny no matter what the sex or if you know ahead of time.

    January 18th, 2008 | #

  4. Jerseygirl89 says

    With baby #1 I was so positive I was having a girl that I had to have confirmation – it was so fun to be right! With baby #2 I didn’t have a choice, as soon as he came up on the ultrasound it was SO obvious that he was a boy. I found it handy to know – it made shopping so much easier and I think it made them more real to me (and I was so surprised both times I needed all the reality I could get). But if we have baby #3 (still under much debate) I might want to be surprised – it’s not like we don’t have girl and boy stuff already!

    January 18th, 2008 | #

  5. Amy says

    I think the 2nd would be fun to wait and see – but then again i understand you wanting to prepare Kenny….toss up for me! :o)

    Congrats on the return home :o)


    January 19th, 2008 | #

  6. sarah says

    I just came across your blog while surfing the internet. My husband and I just had our first baby 4 months ago. We decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby until it was born. We tried to be creative and so when we went to the Dr. for a routine checkup and talked with the ultrasound nurse about the possibility of finding out the sex of the baby. Since she was able to tell what we were having, we had her write down boy or girl and include the scan in an envelope that she then sealed shut.

    We took that envelope to a baby gap where we picked out a boy outfit and a girl outfit. The cashier was given the two outfits along with the envelope. We told her to open the envelope, ring up the correct outfit with our gift card as payment, put the envelope, receipt/gift card, and outfit in a box and we would come back later to pick it up. We kept the box on top of our piano and then took it to the hospital with us. It was so much fun waiting!


    January 22nd, 2008 | #

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