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Guest Post by Kristjana’s husband Casey

June 25th, 2008


Kristjana is 34!

 Good evening Kristjana’s readers.   My wife and I had  a wonderful dinner out tonight in downtown Annapolis.   She is the most gorgeous pregnant woman on the earth (biased I am but it is the truth!).

She is also exhausted, so I asked permission if I insert a couple of blog entrants from my Dad blog (yes I was country before country was even cool!) from the days just prior to when Kenny was born nearly 3 years ago.  

On a side note, the traffic to this blog is booming.   Thank you to all of you who have communicated with Kristjana with love, prayers and encouragement.   Your concern has been a showing of God’s grace to us during this pregnancy and during the miscarriages of last year.

So one more time, today and tomorrow I am posting guest posts.   If the baby comes, we’ll be sure to update you all!   Walk back in time with me to September 2005.   The week prior to Kenny’s delivery I found myself quite stupidly in the hospital.   Kristjana was 39  weeks and counting and we were about to enter into 3 of the strangest days of our lives…..    

Absolute Madness, Part 1 – Monday 9/6/2005

I wanted to inform all of you that the delay in the growth of my blog, was due to some unexpected stupidity.

On  Thursday September 1st we went to the obstetrician for a baby check up.  Kristjana and I were driving together in our car.   We both felt it would be wise to drop off the passenger, to relax in the lobby, while the driver drove several blocks to park the car, and walk the quarter mile in the 85 degree heat.. I also thought it was wise that the sore little patient lean on the driver while walking to and from the Dr’s office. Admittedly, I thought it would be normal, with Kristjana in her 40th week.

However, the driver was Kristjana, and the passenger/patient was me. All 210 pounds was leaning on my tiny wife as we walked, nearly 40 weeks pregnant. She dropped me off. She catered to me. All this because my foot decided to make friends with a rusty nail in the Nabbs Creek.

On Wednesday evening August 31st,  Dudley (our 1 year old Weimerainer) and I were out for our almost nightly training session (I’m getting pretty obedient). Stay, come, down, sit, and my favorite, the “50 yard heel” were all part of tonight’s agenda. It makes me feel like quite the man subduing creation. Towards the end of this man/buddy time together, Duds started barking towards the water. I noticed our hammock pillow had blown into the water. The wind has picked up. Krisjtana saw me running for the boiling ocean. She yelled out, “Hang on. I’ll get you your shoes (referring to my water shoes — the ‘make sure you don’t cut your feet’ shoes’)”!

However the water was pulling the poor pillow out to sea. I’ll be careful I thought. What could possibly happen? On step 3 I learned much about the pain that can result from such stupid questions. All at once I mused by trying to save 30 seconds I have lost days, how Kristjana needs me, and that as a Dad I will have to be more disciplined, more wise. I also saw that Dudley had turned into a psycho at the exact same time my screams pierced the 8pm calm. He was barking and jumping side to side, begging his master to come home! He was showing his wild concern by coming within inches of the water, even growling at the waves.   He wanted to help me, to come to me  “FIFTY YARD HEEL!!!!!” I screamed. Nothing.

I pulled myself out of the water, and like a scared 4 year old girl, I ran past my 40 week pregnant wife (holding my shoes) and upstairs to the shower to wash my foot and drown in steam and self pity, and drown much blood down the drain.

I now needed to be taken care of. Kristjana cleaned and dressed my physical wound. We had no idea what was to come next.

Absolute Madness, Part 2, Tuesday 9/7/2005

So back to our OB appointment  on Thursday.   It  was at 9:30 am. Kristjana, as I mentioned, dropped my hobbling pitying self off at the Wayson pavilion and then drove 6000 miles to find a parking spot and then walked/waddled back to the Dr.’s office.

They brought Kristjana right back. The nurse whispered to me that she would come and get me after they had Kristjana “in a room.” I’m not sure why she whispered or what exactly what I was supposed to say back, so I whispered “hotdog” and sat down in a “chair.”   My foot hurts.

The doctor was one of our favorites. Because we have 10 doctors to choose from I don’t remember his name. But he is excellent. He took his time, was gentle with Kristjana and was patient answering all of our questions. He is one of those doctors that loved bringing life into the world, and seemed privileged to be part of our story.

“Why do we have 2 due dates?” I asked him?

“Sometimes that happens” said Dr. X.

“Can we have the first one” asked Kristjana?

“Let’s go with the 2nd one. The baby seems to be doing fine. We’ll see if he/she makes it to the 9th. If we get delayed through the 9th, we’ll induce on the 12th.”

We? How did he become part of the we? I wonder to myself.

Kristjana seems somber, but accepting at the same time.

“Any other questions,” smiles Dr. X? Kristjana shakes her head. She looks gorgeous. My foot really hurts.

We (not including the Dr.) leave the office after making a stop at the appointment desk. Today was supposed to be our last stop before “go time.” We get an appointment for Tuesday the 6th, and then head off to Dr. Canan, my general practitioner. I know his name. He is always the same person. It’s quite simple.

He cleans my cut, or uhum, “irrigates my wound,” gives me a tetanus shot, a couple of prescriptions, and an appointment for an x-ray. I like Dr. Canan. He is thorough and friendly and never says “we.”

The x-ray is negative. The drugs are expensive. I take my first load and drive off to work. Kristjana is now on her way home. I talk to her on the phone. She sounds fantastic. Her wonderful cheerful outlook amazes me always. I already miss her terribly.

As the day progresses at work I realize that something is wrong. I can barely walk and people keep pointing out that I am sweating a lot. Usually, even when I am sweating, I don’t sweat. After a 4pm conference call, I tell everyone I need to go home. You look awful. Do you need help? Stop sweating on me. I hear as I leave.

On the way to our house I call Kristjana and tell her that I don’t think I am doing too well. As usual she had prepared a feast. When we have dinner guests and Kristjana puts on 5 course meal, they usually joke with an elbow, “I bet you eat like this all the time, don’t you Casey.” Yes I do, I smile back.

I skipped the gourmet quesadilla appetizer, and opted for the prescription that actually said, “for break through pain only.” I hopped upstairs into bed hoping that sleep would solve my problems. I wish it did….  


Back to the future.   Come back tomorrow for the finale!


  1. LeAnne says

    This is good! I love reading Kristjana’s blog and your guest post!

    I’m looking forward to finding out if ya’ll are having a boy or girl. I’ve got my guess. Having two children is not as hard as I thought it would be. Ya’ll will do great!

    Looking forward to the finale.

    June 26th, 2008 | #

  2. Milaka says

    Thanks for updating us! This is fun! Care to share the address to your blog?!?!?

    You guys are in my prayers for a safe and healthy delivery. I have two – it’s not harder, it’s just busier. If that helps.

    June 26th, 2008 | #

  3. Michelle says

    I’m one of those rare ones who’s hardly into computers. Just recently got connected to the internet and yours is the first blog i’ve read. I think your childrens’ photos are absolutely gorgeous and both of you looked really matching together. I have two kids of my own and for me, whenever I’m down, they really perk me up.

    July 23rd, 2008 | #

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