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Habits Too Cute to Break

December 22nd, 2006

Kenny has embraced two new habits, one an endearing heart-tugger, and one heart-tuggingly hysterical.  

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   Ok, climbing into the cabinet underneath the stovetop to play drums on the pots and pans isn’t one of them, but it’s pretty darn cute, wouldn’t you say??

   Ok, climbing into the cabinet underneath the stovetop to play drums on the pots and pans isn’t one of them, but it’s pretty darn cute, wouldn’t you say??Anyway, the first is that he has really gotten the hang of saying grace before meals.   He will fold is little hands, look at me expectantly and wait with baited breath to shout, “AH-MEN!”   A couple of times I’ve accidentally started feeding him without praying, and he’s clasped his hands furtively and whispered, “Ah-men, ah-men!”   He will also start mumbling “Ah-men” when I’m taking too long to fix his food.   And mealtimes is not the end of his new  praying habit.   He will fold his hands and look at me mischeviously and sweetly from under his lashes at bedtime when we say “Now I lay me…” and “God Bless” each family member, waiting to join in with a resounding “AH-MEN!!”

I have to say, it fills me with this tingly kind of joy, knowing that whether he understands it yet or not, he does know that praying is a normal and happy part of our day.   Just like he likes me to sing “Jesus Loves Me” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” and “How Great Thou Art” and “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” all in a row.   And I love that.   I love that God is part of his life already.  

The second thing, the funny one, is that he has started pulling all the stops when he doesn’t want to take  a nap.   Remember, this is the kid we’ve called “No Nap Joe” since he was six weeks old.   Lately, on days when he doesn’t catch decent zz’s in the stroller or the car, I’ve been rocking him and then putting him in his crib at the same time everyday and leaving him there for twenty minutes, even if he cries the whole time.   It’s not the most relaxing part of my day, but at least I’m giving him the opportunity to nap, right?   Anyway, yesterday and today, in amidst the wails, cries, screams and whines, instead of calling, “MAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAA!” he’s been giving me one chance (often a whimpered, “Mama?”) then moving on to more likely jail-breakers.   That is, here is what floated over the monitor today:

“Mama?   Dudley?   Duuuuuuuuudley?   DUDEE!   Dudley?”   I was collapsed in a heap of laughter outside his door.   Like Dudley is going to gallop in there to his rescue, right?

Then he kicked it up a notch:   “Dink?   Diiiink?   Dink!   Dink?”   Here’s the kicker:   “Dink” is the foreman on our renovation job.   He’s been at our house everyday, nearly all day, since before Thanksgiving.   Kenny really loves this guy, for some reason.   In fact, in the morning, right after he’s gotten a chunk of banana in each fist, he waddles over to the renovation area and starts looking around, calling, “Dink? Dink?”   But little did I know that he was going to start calling on Dink to spring him from an undesired nap.


  1. Bratmom(Chrissy) says

    I just happened onto your blog… I love reading it… It\’s amazing what kids do. Merry Christmas!

    December 25th, 2006 | #

  2. cebuwana says

    Hi thanks for stopping by my blogsite. And also thanks for the generous comments/encouragements. I like your posts and I will be coming here more often. 😀

    December 25th, 2006 | #

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