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September 4th, 2008

I can hardly believe it, but I find myself planning Kenny’s THIRD birthday party.   He is no longer a baby.   He is no longer a toddler.   He is an honest to goodness KID.   Yikes!


I am somewhat consoled by the fact that there is still another little guy in the house who desperatly needs me every moment of the day…


But seriously, I am a little shell shocked at the reality that my baby is turning three.   I had several friends who sent their little ones off to kindergarten this week, and I realize that my turn is not too far off.   Kenny misses the “cut-off” with his September birthday, but only by a week, and he is already so smart about so much, I can’t imagine another three years before I send him off into the vast halls of elementary learning.   Still, I wonder if there is a way to preserve him exactly as he is for a little while longer.   Ok, exactly as he is, minus the 120 questions he asks about everything all day long.

An example (imagine, though, that this tiny example represents a mere 1/100th of the daily conversations in our house):

Me: Oops.

Kenny: Whaddyou say, Mama?

Me: Nothing, honey.   I dropped something.

K: Whaddyou drop, Mama?

Me: Nothing, just my phone.

K: Who-r-you calling, Mama?

Me: No one, baby.   I was plugging in my phone to charge it.

K: Why are you charging it, Mama?   Does it need batteries?   I’ll get you a battery!!   (And he runs off in the direction of the battery stash in the kitchen.)

Me: Kenny, come back!   I don’t need a battery, I just need to plug it in!

K: What, Mama?

Me: Come back up here!

K: I can’t hear you, Mama!   I’m getting batteries!   (pause.   crash.   wail.) MAMA!   (sound of 2,000 batteries rolling on the hardwood floor)   Mama?   (sound of chair scrapping on the floor) Mama!   I’m hungry!   Can I have a snack after you clean up the batteries?


Meanwhile, in Cooper-land… I took him in for his 2 month check up and he is doing great!   He’s 13 pounds – I knew he was getting heavy.   The doctor has also confirmed the reflux, and gave us a prescription for prevacid, which I have not yet given him.   I hate, hate, hate the idea of Cooper being on a daily medication.   The doc said that if he’s not in pain, to just let it go, that he would grow out of it by six months, but the truth is, when he doesn’t sleep through the night (which is about half the time), he has a terrible time with the reflux after his 3 am feeding.   There have been many nights I can’t lay him back down again.   So I think I may have to give in to the drugs for now.

Cooper is also really starting to show his social side.   His smile is much more frequent, and giggles are now ready apparent.   And the cooing!   Oh, so sweet.   It melts me.   I can even image that we are having conversations.   hm.   I wonder how much longer before he starts paying Kenny back with 120 questions… ha ha…


  1. Your Biggest Fan says

    What’s you been doing? Where you been? Wonderful to see “THREAT DETECTED!” has been overcome. I too have 120 questions, welcome back. Also love those smiling faces.

    September 5th, 2008 | #

  2. Milaka says

    Two weeks ago I sent my first born off to third grade and my baby off to kindergarten. It’s strange! I still see “Little” Buddy as being about two years old. But . . . he’s in kindergarten! And he’s catching up in height to his sister! Yikes!

    I made a promise to myself when I first became a mom that I would live in the moment – not mourn too much for the times past and not long too much for the milestones to be reached, but really enjoy everything about what the kids and I were doing right then. Sometimes it’s hard, but when you can do it, it’s so rewarding. Although I did tell Buddy that I was going to put a book on his head and turn back the clock so that he would stay four years old. He just grinned and ran yelling, “You gotta catch me!” (But then he wanted to see my watch to make sure I really couldn’t turn back time.)

    I love hearing about your family!

    September 5th, 2008 | #

  3. Faith says

    I don’t usually comment, but I had to tell you that your description sounds EXACTLY like my day with my just-turned-three son. I love how precious his earnestness in asking questions is, but at the same time I sometimes wish there was an “off” button for the constant chain of inquiries! It is cute though, especially when I try to give him my full attention. Love the pictures!

    September 5th, 2008 | #

  4. Kimmie says

    Pig Will had extreme reflux and was given meds. After one dose though… her piercing screams made me never give it to her again. When I asked the doc… he said that for some babies, it is just too strong.

    Miss you guys…

    September 5th, 2008 | #

  5. Amy says

    I love your blog and can relate to so many of your experiences. Although I’ve been a loyal reader for several months, I’ve never commented until now, but your example of your daily dialogue with Kenny made me laugh out loud and prompted me to comment. I have the same conversations with my 3 year old daily. It’s no wonder that I can barely recite my full name at the end of the day!

    Thanks for such thoughtful and entertaining insight into the craziness of motherhood!

    September 5th, 2008 | #

  6. julie c says

    you should get some books on food allergies sound like that little guy is getting something in his milk if it happens after he eats and most docs give lots of meds but dont ask what is the kid around or what is he eating? what gives you heartburn most of the time is a food you ate. hope this helps I love your blog it is so much fun to read after a long day with my two boys!…but alas:cry: they are 8 and 9. I will be praying for you ~Julie

    September 5th, 2008 | #

  7. warriorlady says

    My eldest son had reflux as an infant. I worked around it by letting him sleep in his swing, the bouncy seat, the pack-n-play with the mattress propped up on towels to get the perfect angle – anything that worked (oh and on me have sitting in bed). The doctor told me to try Mylanta but it was the worse weekend of his little life. Soon as I stopped the Mylanta I got my happy puking baby back. With my youngest, I found a seat that goes up to 40 pounds and turns into a toddler rocking chair. It did the trick with him.

    Good luck!!!

    September 8th, 2008 | #

  8. Leigh says

    You will love that he’ll be the oldest in class. I’m in the same boat with both my girls, and Alyssa JUST went off to kindergarten (sob!). She was ready academically, but I’m so glad she had that extra year socially. She is thriving in kinder, and now that the whole school thing has begun, I am so thankful for that extra year together…

    October 12th, 2008 | #

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