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Waking up on the Wrong Side of the Circus

August 16th, 2006

My little ringmaster had a rough morning.   All started off well: he woke up to nurse at 5 AM, and then fell asleep with Casey and I in our bed for another two hours – a rare but delightful occasion.   I woke up to the butterfly-like pats of his palms against my face and the sound of sleepy giggles and baby toots.   (How does a little boy have so much gas??)

But within five minutes of  petting and cooing, Kenny spied something on the floor beside the bed, and fervently attempted a nose-dive off the side.   I held him back – oh the injustice! – and he started to  screech and throw his body weight towards the floor.   I figured he must just want to crawl a little, so I set him down onto the carpet, where he promptly began to howl like a banshee.   So  I picked him up and he again worked his wriggly little body into a corkscrew, aiming at the floor.

“Ok, enough of this.   Mommy needs some coffee,” I said, and we traipsed downstairs to fuel up with my quota of caffeine.    He was happy enough for a few minutes on the floor, banging tupperware together while I poured my cup, then submitted to a snuggle  in the oversized chair overlooking the water.   Casey joined us with his own cup of coffee, and the sight of the orange mug being set on the floor sent Kenny into frantic swan-dive positioning, where Casey caught the human canonball before Kenny’s cranium hit the hardwood.   That set Kenny off into another tyrade of bad humor, and I looked at Casey and said, “Did something happen this morning that I missed?”   Kenny is  normally the model of infant joy and happiness  ~ such shenanigans are usually beyond his perky character.  

While Casey went upstairs to shower, I held Kenny’s writhing body close.   He arched his back and started slapping at my face, and I prayed quietly, “Oh Lord ~ is the whole day going to be like this?   I can’t do this.   Please redeem this day – it’s yours.”  

Oh, I’m so glad I did that.   Kenny stayed fussy for the  rest of the morning, but took a heavy sleep in the car mid-morning while we  drove to meet a friend for lunch.   From waking and on, he was himself.   We spent the afternoon lying on a blanket in the yard,  cuddling and singing.    

August 2 166.jpg  

I have no idea what got his goat this morning.   No new teeth the be seen,  no physical ailments.   Maybe he just woke up  on the wrong side of the circus.  

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