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Weimaraners Make Terrible Bedfellows

August 9th, 2006

Here is a post dedicated to life with Dudley.

July 06 022.jpg

Dudley is by far the most gentle, intelligent, comical and wild canine there is out there.   He makes sure that I am never bored in my role as a Stay at Home Wife and Mommy.   He dedicates himself to filling in the gaps and keeps me from becoming a couch-potato, or worse, a mellow yoga-loving, meditation relaxation  aficionato.  

When I am sitting down quietly, he runs to get something dangerous or expensive, and  trots past me with it in his mouth in order to get me up off my rump and into a full sprint, causing me  to boost my metobolism and burn those pesky post-baby pounds.   When I want to go to bed early when Casey is out of town, he makes sure that I stay up to a more adult hour by licking himself with such passionate gusto that I am starting to wonder if they got it all when he was neutered.  

As I was typing that last sentence, in fact, I heard a  *POP* that vaguely sounded like a small ski boat exploded in the cove outside our house, and  I ran downstairs to find that  Dudley had managed  to  puncture Kenny’s beach ball.

In the time I have taken to type this,  in addition to the beach  ball, he has chewed up a plastic hanger, ran past with an empty shoe box, a toothbrush and a sock (all separate trips), and gone up and  down the stairs 14 times at break-neck speed, for reasons unknown.   I’m  mulling over the possibility of  sharing  a martini with him, just to see if it will calm him down a little.   Goodness knows I could use one at this point.

Ah, but what would  I be without him?   A boring old suburban nobody, that’s who.   Dudley makes me famous; in the daily walk I take around our neighborhood, it is Dudley’s name everyone knows.   Kenny and I are nothing more than Dudley’s side-kicks; the ones holding the leash and picking up his poops as he waltzes from street to street, tail and head high and proud of himself and his lowly subjects.  

Yes, I’ve read the Dog Whisperer’s book.   I’m personifying him for the sake of a good post.   He knows I’m really the boss around here…

Oh wait, I gotta go… something that looks a little like a bottle of perfume just zoomed by via weimaraner…   at least he’ll smell good…


  1. Kim says

    😆 You are too funny! When are you going to hit the comedy clubs?!

    August 9th, 2006 | #

  2. Kimmie says

    I was just going to comment the SAME thing! 😆 I think you should do stand up, seriously!

    August 10th, 2006 | #

  3. mommie k says

    good one. my little cavalier king charles named Madison is quietly sitting on the couch watching TV with your dad!!! I am enjoying your blog. thanks for the fun info!!!hee hee

    August 10th, 2006 | #

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